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Unit 101 Nature Coast EMS

About Nature Coast EMS

Nature Coast EMS is Citrus County’s exclusive, not-for-profit (501(c)3), Advanced Life Support 9-1-1 emergency responder and medical transportation provider. The organization was established on October 1st, 2000. We work to perform, monitor and enhance our care with the overall objective of ensuring clinical excellence. It is our county-wide response that benchmarks our excellent customer service and attentiveness. It is our fiscal accountability and efficiency that proves the company’s organizational effectiveness.

Nature Coast EMS fully engages in EMS leadership through our local participation and collaboration with all Citrus County EMS stakeholders and through our regional leadership positions.

Industry Leader in Prehospital Care

In addition to following all the Citrus County and State of Florida regulations and clinical protocols, Nature Coast EMS became the first ambulance service in Florida to offer Induced Hypothermia, otherwise known as Induced Cooling (ICE), a treatment used for the management of post cardiac arrest patients.

Nature Coast EMS partners with area hospitals including Citrus Memorial, Bayfront Seven Rivers, Oakhill and Ocala Regional emergency department personnel to provide lifesaving continuity of care. Cardiac arrest victims who have been revived to the point of showing a visible heart rhythm immediately receive rapid cooling measures along with protocol driven Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) treatments. These rapid cooling measures have increased the possibility that patients can be fully resuscitated and return home with without any neurological impairment by 6 times over the national average.

In 2007, Nature Coast EMS trained all Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) to skill proficiency in intravenous catheterization and in 2020 started administering Narcan for overdoses. By doing so, EMT’s offer invaluable assistance to their paramedic partners during a response requiring advanced life support services.

Because we know that seconds can feel like hours during a medical emergency, Nature Coast EMS highly values its on-time response performance record.

The Commission on Accreditation of Ambulance Services granted Nature Cost EMS national reaccreditation in November 2015 making it one of only 16 ambulance providers in the State of Florida and one of less than 170 ambulance services nationwide to achieve the “gold standard” industry standard.  Currently we are accredited through 2021 and we expect to maintain our premiere status for years to come.

Nature Coast EMS has been serving Citrus County since October 2000.


Scott Baxter - Nature Coast EMS
Scott Baxter, EMS Chief/CEO with Nature Coast EMS oversees all aspects of the company. Scott has been with NCEMS its inception in 2000 and has progressed through the ranks starting out as an EMT.

Scott Baxter

EMS Chief
Jason Behrens, Operations Chief with Nature Coast EMS who oversees operations, fleet, logistics and other operations functions.

Jason Behrens

Operations Chief
James Dinsh - Administrative Chief - NCEMS
James Dinsch, Administrative Chief with Nature Coast EMS oversees billing, IT, education and other administrative functions.

James Dinsch

Administration Chief
Jennie Sanders - Nature Coast EMS
Jennie Shepard, Human Resources with Nature Coast EMS who oversees human resources and other administrative functions within NCEMS.

Jennie Shepard

Human Resources
Floyd Mead - Nature Coast EMS
Floyd Mead, Training Captain with Nature Coast EMS oversees training for current and new team members and assists with other training and quality assurance functions within NCEMS.

Floyd Mead

Training Captain
Kevin Meade - Nature Coast EMS
Kevin Meade, Education Captain with Nature Coast EMS oversees education for NCEMS team members as well as the lead instructor for Nature Coast Emergency Medical Institute. NCEMI is an accredited institute which offers EMT and paramedic programs.

Kevin Meade

Education Captain
Dr. Bennett Nature Coast EMS
Dr. Roderick Bennett is the medical director for Nature Coast EMS. Dr. Bennett is an accomplished ER physician who is currently the medical director for Bayfront Seven Rivers ER, Bayfront Citrus Hills and Citrus County Fire.

Dr. Roderick Bennett

Medical Director