During the week August 31 – September 4, 2020, fifteen leaders of the Nature Coast EMS team completed elements of the National EMS Management Association’s “EMS Field Training and Evaluation Program.”  EMS-FTEP™ presents a structured program for transitioning new employees into the EMS agency. It is designed and delivered to provide both the employee and the agency with the greatest possible chance of success, by providing a framework that assures employees understand, develop, and can demonstrate those skills and behaviors that the employing agency considers essential. 

Five senior leaders completed the 2-day “Developing and Managing the EMS-FTEP” course, designed to prepare them to manage and support the program in their agency.  Chief Scott Baxter, Deputy Chief Wayne Martin, Operations Chief Ron Bray, Administration Chief Jim Dinsch, and Paramedic Captain (Training) Floyd Mead were awarded certificates of course completion pins.  Eleven staff members completed the 3-day Basic Field Training Officer Course, which is intended to prepare experienced paramedics to train and evaluate newly hired personnel in the field (community) environment. 

These employees were presented completion certificates, as well “the Owl” pin denoting and EMS Field Training Officer. These programs were presented by the National EMS Management Association, and are considered the “gold standard” in new employee development.

Nature Coast EMS has served as the sole provider of emergency paramedic ambulance service in Citrus County since 2000.  The agency employs 105 personnel and operates 20 ambulances, stationed throughout the county. www.naturecoastems.org

The National EMS Management Association is a professional association of EMS leaders dedicated to the discovery, development, and promotion of excellence in leadership and management in EMS systems, regardless of EMS system model, organizational structure or agency affiliation. NEMSMA is an inclusive organization of EMS leaders and managers where all are welcomed regardless of organizational size, corporate structure, ownership, or philosophy, and offers programs of professional development for EMS supervisors, managers, and executives.  www.nemsma.org.