On January 11, 2020, Battalion Chief Daniel Brady unveiled new branding for Nature Coast EMS. The unveiling depicts the new direction Citrus County’s exclusive 911 ambulance provider has taken over the past year. Below is Dan’s inspiring message to his fellow team members:


Good fellow team members of mine,

It is my great honor and pleasure to tell you about a new change at NCEMS. 

Over the last year we have gone through many changes. We are on our way to becoming a new agency. I am thrilled to see solutions for problems and changes that move us forward. I believe that we will achieve excellence but always continue to seek improvements. 

Some time ago the concept of rebranding came up. Many of us wanted a physical representation of a new agency. The leadership team and myself have toiled with the idea for awhile. 

With 6 new trucks on order, I could not think of a better time than now to refresh how we look. Many of the plans are still in the works, but for now I am happy and quite proud to share with you the new logo for NCEMS.

Ever since I started here at NCEMS there were variations of the current logo, color scheme, and unit presentation. The overall idea behind this rebranding was to refresh us, make us look like a modern EMS agency, all while keeping some sort of recognizability. Moving forward the attached logo will be the only logo we use. We hold the original files and color definitions. They can be taken to any manufacturer and we can achieve uniformity. 

We are still working out what the new ambulances will look like. We have it narrowed down and will continue to work on it. We are not planning to rebrand the old trucks so the goal is to create a new ‘look’ that will look like a new unit but still fit in with the old units. I took the same color scheme and the same essential elements to recreate the new logo.  I realize this is a long email, I truly hope that we as an agency can be proud of this new look and new era of NCEMS. 

Here is just a glimpse of what’s in store for the future look of Nature Coast EMS: